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What is Fencing?



The organized sport of fighting with swords - foil, épée, or sabre - according to a set of rules, in order to score points against an opponent

Weapons of Choice

Épée: The French word for "sword"; a heavy-bladed thrusting weapon with a large bell-shaped guard at the hilt, with a V-shaped cross-section known as a fuller. Target area: anywhere on the body.

Foil: The most common of the three weapons; lighter than the épée with a much more flexible, rectangular blade. Foilists are subject to a set of rules known as right of way (priority). Target area: torso only.

Sabre: The fastest and the shortest of the three weapons, it has a guard that connects to the bottom of the grip. Touches can be scored from any part of the blade. The sabre is a descendant of the cavalry sword, and is primarily used for slicing, cutting, and thrusting. Sabrists are also subject to a set of rules known as right of way (priority). Target area: waist-up, except for the hands