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USACFC Champs:  United States of America Collegiate Fencing Club 

The 2014 CFC championship was held in Knoxville, Tennessee on April 5th and 6th. 

MACFA Meets:  Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Fencing Association

Photos from the MACFA on November 24th at Hopkins. Results from the tournament will seed fencers for MACFA champs in March. 


MACFA CHAMPS was held on March 2nd,  2014 at the United States Military Academy at West Point. VFC's men's team came in 13th overall in the competition with an 8th place finish in saber, 11th in epee, and 13th in foil.  Two fencers qualified for individuals, Matthew Gordon '14 placed 15th in saber and Artemie Jurgenson '16 finished 16th in epee.  

NWIFA Christmas Invitational (2012) 

The VFC was unable to compete in the 2013 NIWFA Christmas invitational which took place at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey due to a blizzard.   The photos featured here are of the 2013 foil team competing at the 2012 competition.   


NIWFA champs was held at the United States Military Academy at West Point on March 1st 2014.  VFC finished 12th in the overall standings thanks to a 9th place finish in epee, 10th in foil, and 14th place in saber.  Irina Klissourova '14 placed 7th in individuals for women's foil.   



The SWAT Invitational is held every year at Swarthmore College.  VFC's women's team took first place overall, as a result of a 2nd place finish in foil, 4th place in epee and 5th place in saber.   The men's team came in 5th place, with 4th place in both foil and epee and 5th place in saber.    


The 2013 Temple Invitational was held on October 26th and 27th 2013.   Athletes from both varsity and club teams competed in an individual competition consisting of an initial round of pools, followed then by a second round of pools for those who advanced and a consolation round, and a direct elimination bracket.  Nearly 100 fencers competed in each event including 26 VFC fencers.  


The 2014 Virginia cup was held at home in UVA's Memorial Gym.  President Nicholas Monahan 14' and Epee Captain Corey Cochran 15' headed the bout committee, with numerous VFC fencers officiating.  The tournament was a resounding success with one hundred and five fencers (fifty-four men and fifty-one women) competing from seven schools and still finishing well before 2pm on both days!  VFC's women's team took home the third place overall trophy in VIWFA.  The women's foil team managed to secure a first place victory without captain Irina Klissourova 14' who was needed to officiate.  Graduate student Emily Thomas took 2nd place, and Ana Cackley 15' defeated teammate Emma-Tei Kyono 17' in the fence off for 3rd place.  Amy Linderman 14' took the first place  in women's saber while teammate Marisa Grayson '16 and Erin Goodier '17 also finished in the top eight.  In epee,  Sydney Huppert 14' defeated teammate Jessica Cederquist 17' in a second VFC fence off for third place.  VFC's men's team came in 4th overall in the Virginia Cup, taking 4th place in saber and epee and 5th in foil.  Tony Lin 16'  finished 7th in saber individuals. Erik Lopes 14' finished 8th in individual foil, Matthew Gordon 14' came over from the saber squad to place 9th in the epee competition.